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reform. the obama administration puts the brakes on calls for a swift leadership change in egypt. >>> texas tragedy. drug violence along the border with mexico claims the lives of at least two u.s. high school students. >>> and handbag heroin. >>> good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are strad aheat. this is "first look" on mb. >>> we begin this morning with compromise in cairo. the united states is reconsidering a push for swift reform in egypt calling for a slower pace to progress, easing the call for a transition of power and president hosni mubarak to step down. whether egyptian protesters in cairo accept a timetable slow down remains to be seen. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the u.s. is starting to wonder whether mubarak's immediate resignation is such a good idea. according to the country's constitution, that would trigger an election in 60 days and given what's going on, there are questions whether they could organize free and fair elections in such a short period of time. but the gov
as a boy living in a household under a core corrupt dictator, president suharto. if you look at obama's first memoir there is quite searing accounts of his stepfather talking to him about this being a land of cruelty where weak people are killed by strong people. and you can konl imagine the young obama listening to this. >> rose: finally this evening we go from he lipt-- egypt to the american economy with austan goolsbee. we close this evening by looking ahead at sunday's super bowl with boomer. max rodenbeck, david ignatius, miguele dunne, austan goolsbee when we continue. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. additional funding provided by these funders: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new
and author of "the violence of peace" america's wars in the age of obama, steven carter here to talk about the super bowl this morning. >> willie, what happened, man? >> it was a good game. >> the super bowls have all been good for the last six, seven years. the bears/colts one kind of stunk. packers jump out to a 21-3, looked like you could go to bed at halftime. >> did i. >> then they cut the score to four. they couldn't quite finish off the comeback. incredible run for the packers. they had to fight to get into the playoffs. they won on the road to philly, atlanta, chicago and now beating the steelers. aaron rodgers was named mvp. remember he was drafted to be brett favre's backup, stepping out of favre's long shadow and winning the most valuable player trophy last night. >> mark halperin, try to weigh this for me if you will. >> please. >> as we watch the super bowl highlights, what you think had more impact on the sporting world yesterday, the steelers losing the super bowl to this gutsy team or liverpool beating chelsea? >> a draw. >> it's a draw. >> no doubt about it. >> you saw the
and the eventual lift of egypt's emergency law. back here in the u.s., president obama sad s.a.t. down with fox news host bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview. >> mr. obama says even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they wasn't representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also said it is important not to say that our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or to suppress the egyptian people. >>> checking out top stories, 15 people rounded up in a prostitution bust in the district. this happened saturday after police serveed a warrant on an apartment building in the 3100 block of georgia avenue northwest. two people were charged with operating a house of prostitution. another 13 face either solicitation or profit tuesday charges. owner of the building tells fox 5 he never saw anything unusual or
mubarak's latest refusal to resign. president obama is taking his toughest stance yesterday. alison burns reports the obama administration was caught off guard when he did not resign. >> reporter: dave, hosni mubarak's speech really blind sided the obama administers. after ward president obama issued this statement. too many egyptians remain unconvinced the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy. it's the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people without world. president obama called for the egyptian government to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy. this clearly is a huge frustration for the obama administration. part of what lead to the expectation that mubarak would step down are comments from the cia director at a congressional hearing yesterday. he said it was a strong likelihood. the cia has been facing harsh criticism. as for whether president obama will talk about it pubically today, he has no public events scheduled but this is press secretary robert gibb's last day
in new york, hoping their solidarity will force mubarak to resign. the obama administration has not pushed for mubarak to immediately step down. >> his continued leadership is critical. it's his opportunity to write his own legacy. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending an international security crisis. she says it's important egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is underway to keep the middle east stable. cbs news. >>> vice-president joe biden called egypt's vice-president today stressing the need for a concrete agenda for reform. sarah palin is openly blasting the obama administration's handling of the crisis in egypt. she says obama needs to tell americans what he knows about who will be egypt's next leader. protesters in egypt are getting support here in the streets. hundreds marched from the egyptian embassy to the white house. the crowds were trying to get their message out. >> reporter: for the hundreds of protesters who came out to the north lawn earlier today, the message was a simple one. restore democrac
in the air. >> okay. richard, many thanks as always. >>> the obama administration may be shifting tactics. speaking from the white house yesterday, president obama suggested that mubarak should consider how history will remember him. >> the key question he should be asking himself is how do i leave a legacy behind where egypti is able to get through this period. my hope is he will end up making the right decision. >> good morning to you, mike. >> good morning. >> president obama described egypt's president as proud, referred to him as a pariot. >> the administration from the president on down has been eager to knock down the perception that they are calling the shots in egypt. it's obviously true the united states is not driving this train. they are sitting and watching events unfold like we all are. this is being driven by the protesters in the central square in cairo. she talks about focusing on the vice president. the newly installed vice president of egypt, and his name is omar suleiman. president mubarak has already said he will not stand for election. he will not put himself forward
judicial activism. but the judge used obama's own words from his 2008 campaign when he supported health care reform without an individual mandate. here's the concern, he says. if you haven't made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate? i mean, if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness, by mandating everybody to buy a house. mitt romney knows that conundrum, being for something and against it. he's knocking the president's health care reform but defending his own in massachusetts which included an individual mandate. >> the states have rights that the federal gust doesn't have. under the tenth amendment of the constitution, the powers of the federal government are specifically limited. the states have the rights to, for instance, mandate kids going to school, mandate auto insurance. states have certain rights they can exercise and the right thing for the president to do now with these decisions saying his bill is unconstitutional, with the house taking action to repeal it, with the senate considering doing so, he should press the pause button and
of the atlantic. is the obama administration pushing too hard to show mubarak the door? plus what are we to make of the muslim brotherhood who is angling to step into the breach. is it just waiting for its moment to seize control and short circuit the process? bad news, good news. the economy only created 36,000 new jobs but the unemployment rate dropped from 9.4% to 9%. that's the number that the public pays attention to. i think he needs to get the number down to 8 in order to win reelection. i have been saying this is the scranton to oshkosh election. sunday's super bowl has the same theme. pittsburgh versus green bay. politics and the super bowl later in the show. let me finish tonight with a major american president born 100 years ago this sunday. we start with egypt. joining me from cairo is ron allen. ron, i guess the best question is what happened today in this ongoing saga? >> reporter: we have been asking ourselves that question today. chris, what does all this mean? where are we now? the opposition declared that next week will be a week of resistance. we had a friday farewell day and
of the things they want to end in this country. t.j.? >> all right, thank you. >>> and president obama weighing in on egypt's political future during an interview with fox's bill o'reilly on sunday. he reiterated his call for an orderly and meaningful transition saying that egyptian president mubarak needs to know the time for change is now. >> only he knows what he's going to do. but here's what we know. egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. >> we'll have much more on president obama's sitdown with bill o'reilly coming up in the next half-hour. >>> with egypt now taking the first steps toward a political transition, what could it mean for u.s. diplomacy? or foreign affairs correspondent, jill doughterty, is live for us in washington. two big developments. i mean, we heard the president as well as secretary of state give their take on the situation in egypt and also that meeting yesterday between the vice president and some of the opposition grou
situation for egypt. we are hearing now from president obama. he says the egyptian people should decide the process of transition. >> they want freedom and fair and free elections, they want a representative government and responsive government. you have to transition now. mubarak has decided that he's not running for reelection. his term is up this year. >> the president says egypt will not be the country that it once was. thousands are still gathered in the main square in cairo this morning demanding mubarak's immediate resignation. courtney robinson reporting. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama spoke about the crisis in egypt during a pre-super bowl interview with bill o'reilly. mr. obama says that he cannot force the tipton president to step down immediately, but he says that he is confident the to to people will establish a representative government that the u.s. can work with. >>> the lombardi trophy is returning to the title town. the green bay packers took on the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl xlv last night. aaron rogers led his team to its first super bowl win i
.65 trillion this year. so that in mind, president obama says his new plan will shave more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. now, two-thirds of his goal would be accomplished with spending cuts and a five-year freeze on many domestic programs. the other one-third of the savings would come from tax increases. that would include limits on tax deductions for the wealthy. so here's some of the major cuts in the budget. discretionary spending which includes dozens of federal programs. that's going to be slashed by about $400 billion. also, pell grants for needy college students will be cut by $100 billion over the next ten years. and then richard, defense spending. that would be decreased by $78 billion. also headed for the chopping block, heating assistance for the poor. also, money for water treatment plants. and then airport grants as well. now, richard, not address in the president's plan or any republican proposal for that matter, tackling social security, also medicare. and then other entitlements, richard, which make up about 60% of the federal budget, richard. >> ye
. >>> president obama has given up one of his bad habits. >>> eggs, good old eggs are changing, and they may be better for your diet. >>> what you got, lindsey? >> maybe the cleveland cavaliers should have some. the terps glad to have a game tomorrow night. prepare for a shark invasion at >>> an explosion at a petroleum plant near houston sent flames shooting 100 feet into the air this afternoon. it happened just after 2:00 p.m. heavy fire continues there at this hour. so far, no reports of any injuries, but one person may be missing. company officials say it is natural gas that's burning and it is not an environmental hazard. no word right now on what may have started this fire. >>> now, some jarring surveillance video out of turkey. we warn you, it shows the moment that a truck slams into the side of a bus full of passengers. first passengers were just sitting and talking onboard the bus and then looked out the window and saw a huge truck headed toward them. it was too late for anybody to get out of the way. it happened last friday. the stunned bus driver picked himself up and staggered ou
obama administration to move cautiously on egypt he says the u.s. should take measured steps in public and much of the pressure, too much pressure could backfire. >> cheney added quote whatever comes next in egypt is going to be defor maybed by the people of egypt -- determined by the people of egypt. >> closed door trial of three uc berkeley graduates is under way in iran. sarah, shane and josh are all arrested and accused of spying while hiking near the iran/iraq border july 2009. showered was released on bail in september and returned to the states, it is not clear whether she will be tried in absten sha or if any of the three were present during the five hour hearing their lawyer says he was denied a request to visit the two men held over there hours before the trial began if convicted they could face town 10 years in prison. -- face up to 10 years in prison. >> a bay area community that saw a spike in gang related killings last year is trying to turn things around. >> reporter: demonstrators at san franciscos un plaza say they are encouraged by and want to support the massive anti
again. one thing i did not miss was bill o'reilly's interview with president obama. and that happened before the game. he had 14 minutes to try to get in as many questions as possible. he had to start with the news of the day and egypt first and he had a very pointed question for the president about whether or not the muslim brotherhood is in fact a threat to america. >> the muslim brotherhood a great concern to a lot of people. are they a threat to the u.s.a.? >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. but here's the thing that we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well so it's important for us not to say that our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed people. >> you don't want the muslim brotherhood? >> what i want is a representative government
. >> what else did he do? >> he went bowling yesterday. which begs the question, obama v. meacham. who gets above 39. did you get above 39? >> i couldn't figure out the scoring. >> oh, my god. >> you don't have to. >> you're in college too long. >> i don't get the scoring either. i'm with you. >> it was ugly. it was a father/son tournament. let's just say inability to bowl is in fact genetic. >> so your son wasn't seeking -- >> the last time i bowled was in tennessee which congressman ford knows well from his campaigning day. >> harold ford jr. is with us. >> hard. >> i take it when you were wearing the cam mow hats in the '06 campaign you were bowling a lot? >> oh, yeah. we did. john and i were commenting, the state of mind when you go bowling in tolahoma. >> we have mark halperin joining us from washington. he has elegant bookcases behind him. >> he does. that's his hotel room. he insists on an elegant library. >> did you see any oscars last night? >> watched the whole thing. >> how stoned was james franco? >> completely. the moment to me that crystallized, pardon the pun, is when billy c
brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a major victory for supporters of same-sex marriage. the obama administration announced it will stop defending federal law banning same-sex marriages and could have an impact on the court fight over prop 8 here in california. abc 7 is live tonight with reaction. >> well the word went out today by people with the marriage equality to stage a rally here, a celebration rally on what for many was a surprise announcement by the obama administration. the president ordered his administration to stop defending the constitutionality of the federal law banning recognition of gay marriage. and declaring the 15-year-old defense of marriage act indefensible. the law had defined marriage only between a man and a woman. >> this is is a water shed moment. our president and representative stands with us i think the bottom line you can take is that this is the official position of the obama administration that sexual orientation is a constitutionally protected class and same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. the defense of marriage act, federal equivalent of
it will appeal the ruling of a federal judge in florida declaring the obama administration health care overhaul inconstitutional. yesterday judge vincent shot down the plan writing -- because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable. the entire act must declared void. toward the end of his 78-page ruling the have idea the president's own promise from the 2008 campaign against him. then president obama supported a proposal which did not include a mandate. saying here's the concerns. if you haven't made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate? if a mandate was a absolutely, we can try that, by mandating everybody to buy a house. in response to the ruling, which was a challenge by 26 of the 50 states in the union, the white house said this ruling is way out of the main stream of judicial opinion. we don't believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld. we're it will be declared constitutional by the courts. >>> on capitol hill fell largely along party line. here's new york's democrat congressman anthony weiner. >> you can't be sure of anything on the law wi
of the demands of protesters. this was the demand of president obama's envoy frank wisner. the protesters rejected it whole-heartily saying we want to see you go now. it did not live up to their expectations. one of the protesters that i spoke with said he's been lying for 30 years, why should we believe him now? another one said, he'll use these next seven months to round people up who have been protesting against him over these last few days. >> alex, as we look at these images from cairo, we can see so many people, a million are some of the estimates, on the streets, protesting loudly, holding up signs. what can we expect today, though, now that this announcement has been made that he is stepping down? >> reporter: well, if it was an effort to placate the crowds, it has not done that. i'm looking at live pictures, again, of thousands of people on the square. it's a beautiful day in cairo. a beautiful day for protesting. i can tell given the fury i saw last night and over the last week since i arrived, i don't think these protests are going to end any time soon. >> alex marquardt in cai
not to run in the next presidential election. abc news has confirmed that president obama told mubarak he needs to take that action, which would allow for free elections and an orderly transition of power. >> just one more egyptian people, we hate him. 30 years is enough. >> reporter: the largest protest this country has ever seen. despite the government shutdown of public roads and transportation. in cairo where mubarak was hung in effigy, more than 250,000 people packed tahrir square. since friday the protests have generally been peaceful. one poster showed the one casualty. t women have been allowed much less freedom than men have found their voice. >> mubarak leave the country! just leave us alone! we will make it! we are not the first people to get rid of. >> reporter: repercussions are rippling through the middle east. king abdullah vowed to launch political reforms and obama administration spoke for the first time with one possible successor to mubarak, nobel laureate mohammed ed elbaradei. >> president obama addressed from the white house last night. he said egypt's transition mus
with the stepped up pressure on libyan strong man moammar gadhafi. president obama has joined other world leaders in condemning violence in that embattled leader's country. >> secretary of state clinton is being sent to geneva for talks aimed at stopping the bloodshed. alex marquardt has traveled from egypt into libya with this report. >> reporter: report reads hand by hand, down with gadhafi. a large part of this country now firmly in the control of the protesters. we're about 15 minutes inside the libyan border and we've been stopped at several checkpoints where they're asking for our passports. it's civilians doing the asking. there isn't any military or police in sight. those we spoke to say gadhafi failed them. people need everything, this man said. there are no hospitals, no medicine, no jobs, no food. >> he only did one thing. he tried to catch the oil. he just think himself is leader for africa, but is not him. >> reporter: just to the west, signs of a nation on the cusp of all out war. libyan military trying to destroy the protesters. helicopter gunship fires on the people. a fighter jet
that attack. but, he wouldn't say what that proof was. >>> world leaders, including president obama, have condemned gadhafi's deadly crackdown against anti-government protesters. michael herzenberg is in washington with the latest on this. good morning, michael. what do you know? >> well, good morning, betty. the president hasn't had much to say publicly about the crisis. but wednesday, he condemned the violence and warned the world is watching. >> suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> reporter: the president also said his administration is now exploring a full range of options to respond to the crisis. that could include economic sanctions, even military action. one option, establish a no-fly zone over libya like the ones once enforced over iraq to keep a dictator from using his air force against his own people. without some kind of intervention, analysts predict the crisis will descend further into chaos. >> this is really a fight to the death, i think, in libya. not only for gadhafi and his regime, but
like this could prevent shortages during flu season. 3 obama: "if we'd brought over a fruitcake when we first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start." the preeident takes on some of business community ... what he's promising that could help thaw the chilly relationship. security breach in vatican city ... what happened when this young boy made a break for the pope... coming up ".. if i ever get back on my feet again sir, i'll bring it back." a robber full of remorse... why his victim says he actually feels sorry for the thief... 3 woodlawn is the headquarters of the social security admininstration, and it would seem to make sense a that new support center for the facility would be built next door.but the federal government has decided to build that center miles away. away. instead of building the center in baltimore county its going to the town of urbana in frederick county.and that means the county loses out on 125 permanent jobs. we are baffled we are dissappointed but we will continue to try to get comes for baltimore county. 3 as to why the fed decided not to build i
obama has been petitioning restaurants to change their children's menu. an average 8-year-old should consume 120 0 a day. applebee's mini cheese bergers, 720 calories. kid sized fries and milk, a day's calories in a single meal. >> junk food with pepperoni pizzas, cheese everywhere, soda pop in huge cups. that's the way to raise an obese generation of kids. and we're doing a pretty good job of it. >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> this comes on the heels of a few days ago a doctor saying we feed kids too many rice cereal, that's a bad carbohydrate leading to obesity. lots of advice out there for what not to feed the kids. >> they did poll mothers. they asked mothers what their babies were eating. a lot of time you think this research doesn't correspond with real kids. this was done with real kids. >> absolutely. this is the one year anniversary of when michelle obama launched her anti-obesity initiative. >>> how mary-kate and ashley olsen's younger sister is stepping out of their shadow. they just don't know it's theirs. if you made less than $48,000 in 2010, see if
neva for talks and today president obama called the violence unreasonable. the u.s. does not directly import oil from libya but french, aitalian and spanish are all shutting down their operations. libya has the biggest oil reserves in africa. oil hit $100 a barrel today and experts say world prices could be effected for weeks. >> the disruption of oil will have an impact on prices. it already has, just spectulation about the possibility. small price to pay to end this dictatorship and bring democracy to the country. >> oil prices could drop quickly once harlem globetrotters is out. >>> nasa has given the go ahead for the space shuttle discovery. the final flight was planned for november but fuel tank cracks postponed the launch. only two other flights remain in april and june. >>> a big storm coming to the bay area. we will see rain but not only rain, snow and very low elevations locally. we will talk all about it and how cold it will get in just a bit. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at
, alabama. good morning. caller: good morning. obama and the democrats would rather borrow and spend rather than tax and spend. it is tearing the state to up. in 2010, the analysts published data saying the entire transaction is -- $5.60 trillion is how much is met. 1.75 -- $1.75 trillion in debt this year. $2 trillion a year in medicare tax because medicare is 50% unfunded. they treating -- it should be increased from 2% to 4% because of the shortfall and another 2% to cover the eight years of debt. that would be 6% on the wages. and on top of that, we have the fannie mae and freddie mac welfare mortgages. people do not have enough money to pay taxes, but they get a welfare mortgage? 50% are the people that cannot even pay tax. and that is $2 trillion per year. add that up and you are coming up with more debt every year in the united states than ever when makes. host: thanks for your call this morning. state senator julie lassa is six months pregnant. she is also the mother of a six and a 3-year-old. last year she endured a grueling race to replace retiring rep. that story this morning fro
guidelines were developed during the end of the bush administration and ultimately approved under the obama administration and signed by the current attorney general. the key piece here, if i may, is that you have to -- obviously, there are going to be places where you have to do law enforcement investigations. in my view, you have to have a balanced approach of not just those law enforcement investigations, but you have to engage with those communities with other non-law enforcement elements of the u.s. government to make sure this is not an adversarial situation. in fact, this is a partnership. and as you know well, many of our tips to uncover active terrorist plots here in the united states have come from the muslim community. so we have to make quite clear that the communities are part of the solution and not part of the problem. and you do that through using a variety of tools, not just law enforcement. >> time of the gentlelady has expired. dr. brown of georgia. >> thank you, mr. chairman. secretary, director, i appreciate y'all being here today. i have several pressing questions for
of president barack obama as transportation budget. >> mark: out of egypt and the egyptian government ask the united states to freeze assets of the egyptians. in the meantime there former president is becoming a missing person. he has all but banishevanished. a committee out appointed by the military to amend the constitution says the new document will be temporary until democratic rule is that established. protests are going through middle east countries. this is a this scene iniran, they're calling for death. tens of thousands of people turned out for this rally in solidarity with egypt. it was the first show of strength from the opposition. >> darya: yemen protesters are scuffling with police. the demonstrators are demanding political reform and a white u.s. president to leave, meantime hillary clinton is making of policy address today, she will warm repressive states that curbs on internet freedom will not hold back reform. that there is no application for ending online repression. she says regimes that clampdown on internet usage will not be able to see what's been changed forever. >
in egypt. reports out of washington this morning that president obama will speak about all of this to the nation in a news conference today. we're waiting for details on that. the white house is said to be working behind the scenes to prevent the egyptian government from a total collapse. president obama has called on president mubarek to listen to the demands of his people. >>> and it is being called a day of departure in egypt. mass demonstrations that are supposed to convince president mubarek to leave office. listen to some of this: >> [. >> the streets are jammed with protestors at this hour, at least 200,000 people are the estimates we're getting. always tricky to get a handle on the numbers, of course. they say they will not leave until mubarek steps down. we have heard all week that friday is the day that they expect him to leave his post leland vitt ser streaming live from cairo: >> good morning, martha. it's a very different scene here today. obviously, because of where we are. we've now come to a secure location. so many journalists have been beat up, so much equ
here. ambassador huntsman does appear to potentially be viable as a candidate to run against obama in two years. >> you said you wished halpern were here. as -- as meachem can't -- >> no, halpern was knocking it down. >> i wish halpern was here. >> every time, that name comes up. >> he hisses and -- >> i know. like this. >> a little behind the scene. >> like we're so stupid. >> sitting next to me, halpern is going -- >> yeah. >> i'm sure it's -- it's unprofessional. i don't think journalists should do that. but i notice, though, he must have -- john meachem, going to you now, he must have known something was coming. because yesterday when huntsman's name came up, he backed off a little. this is a guy writing "game change ii." he's got a leak like a sieve or halpern doesn't make his million dollars. >> we'll talk about that as well. >>> and also the government says you all should eat less. we'll definitely talk about that. just eat less. that's all you need to do. yeah. well, unfortunately we need to hear that for some reason. >>> let's go to egypt. crowds are gathering in cairo rig
was in on those talks with the vice president. u.s. president barack obama says the brotherhood is one of many political options that egyptians have. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt, but they are well organized and there restrains of their ideology that are anti-u.s., there is no doubt about it. here is the thing we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt, there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well. it is important for us to say our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed egyptian people. >> you don't want the muslim brotherhood. >> i want a representative government. if egypt moves in a transition government. >> i hope so. >> barack obama on the choices he thinks egyptians have come election time. secretary of state hillary clinton says president mubarak had made important moves in the past week. he had yet to embrace transition the steps he had taken were important. >>> we want to take you to tahir squawk to s
. >>> and motown comes to the white house. first lady michelle obama welcomes john legend, smokey robinson and sheryl crow to the latest sound of young american serious. >> nice lineup. >>> we're fired up for sunday's oscar and the buzz is building all over the internet. >> whether movie producers or the academy itself like it, social media is a run to the red carpet. >> oscar, you're invited. >> reporter: oscar turns 83 years old this year but he doesn't look or act his age. oscar's got his own youtube channel and you can find him on facebook. that's only appropriate in a year when a leading contender is all about the social network. >> this is a once in a generation idea! >> reporter: the national board of review was first to call it the year's best. >> my children are on facebook. but i never paid attention. but they became interested in the film after being involved with facebook. and i became interested in facebook after seeing the film. >> reporter: the film has since lost ground to a more traditional movie "the king's speech" but hollywood is clearly feeling
. >>> president obama remains optimistic that egypt can transition to a new government peacefully and efficiently. in an interview just before the start of the super bowl he told fox news the new government must represent all interests and he down played concerns about the muslim brotherhood gaining power in new egypt. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. they are well organized and there restrains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. here is the thing we have to understand, there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the fore as well. it is important for us not to say our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed egyptian people. >> you don't want the muslim brotherhood? >> what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence if egypt moves in an orderly transition process we will have a government in egypt we can work with as a partner. >> president obama says he
their collective bargaining rights. >>> and president obama says he couldn't be prouder to be a chicagoan. his former chief of staff, that's right, rahm emanuel, will be the city's next mayor. emanuel beat out five challengers with 55% of the vote easily avoiding a runoff. >>> lindsay lohan returns to a los angeles courtroom this hour. a judge may revoke lohan's probation for a drunk driving conviction. he called today's hearing after police charged lohan with shoplifting. now, this is his eighth court appearance in nine months. >> here's your chance to talk back. one of the big stories of the day. moammar gadhafi inspires this question for you. our carol costello, she joins us from d.c. carol, you know, they call him mad dog. i know there are a lot of other words for him, but what do we know about this guy? >> you're right, suzanne, there are other words for him, like delusional, paranoid, completely insane, all used to describe him. after his rambling 90 minute speech, it's easy to understand why so many think gadhafi is daffy. >> translator: our rocket launchers have been provided to bengha
in favor, two against in the courts, the latest ruling another blow to president obama's health care law. a federal judge ruled monday it's unconstitutional. although that doesn't stop or suspend the law right now, judge roger vincent wrote, "the act, like a defectively designed watch, needs to be redesigned and reconstructed by the watchmaker." republicans are vowing a new push to repeal the law. >>> family of a former white house aide offered a reward in a desperate effort to find out who killed him. >>> the egyptian government may have shut down the internet that. didn't stop millions in egypt from communicating. >>> richard lui, fascinating. >> activists in egypt have a new tool to get the word out to the world courtesy of not google or twitter, but a handful of companies working together.ate l % at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lendingtree today. prepare to be twisted, licked, and dunked. get 'em boys! ♪ ♪ [ all slurping ] [ whistle blows ] winner! come on ref! mcenroe?! mcenroe?! mcenroe?! i thought you retired? this isn't the end! ♪ a
of such talks saying they mistrust the government. >>> president barack obama talked about his efforts to support democratic reform in egypt. in a conversation that aireded on fox he was asked about the potential role of the muslim brotherhood and a new egyptian government. >> i think the muslim brotherhood is one faction. they don't have the support in egypt but they are well organ e organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s., there's no doubt about it. here's the thing we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt, there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well. and so it's important for us not to say that our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed egyptian people. >> and president obama went on to say his ultimate goal will be as a partner with the united states. >>> three adults who traveled to the dominican republic for a wedding, then returned to the u.s., have all recovered from their bouts with the disease. the disease is spread by poor sani
obama and billow 'riley, touching on the ungoing unrest in egypt. president obama is saying even though he doesn't know what the egyptian president, mubarak, plans to do, the country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want fair elections, they want arepresentative government, they want a responsive government. so what we have said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: on the matter of the health care reform, president obama sounded off on a recent ruling by the federal judges in florida, declaring the bill he signed into law last year unconstitutional. >> i think that the judge in florida was wrong. keep in mind that we have had 12 judges that just threw this case out. >> reporter: president obama underscoring his bottom line on the issue saying that he is not prepared to lose ground. >> i don't want to spend the next two years refighting the battle of the last two years. >> reporter: the interview is largely, but with fewer changes the last time the two men sat down in 2008. rushing through
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